What is the Manufaktura Gift Card?

It is a prestigious gift for your business partners and employees.

It is a prepaid electronic payment card.

The Card is accepted at all stores and locations offering services within Manufaktura where payment with MasterCard is possible.

Minimum balance is PLN 30

Maximum balance is PLN 4,000

The Card is valid for twelve months or until its balance is used up entirely

Manufaktura Gift Card - Info

The Card is active within 30 minutes from its purchase

Transaction authorisation - by a signature

No handling fee

No processing charges

Why the Manufaktura Gift Card?

Advantages for your Company:

The amount of transferred funds coming from the Employee Benefits Fund is not subject to ZUS contributions

The amount of transferred funds is a tax deductible expense for your Company

The amount of transferred funds is not subject to the VAT law

Minimum formalities

Advantages for your Employees:

Any purchase value - differently from gift certificates, purchase is not limited by a nominal value, because unused balance remains on a Card and can be spent another time

Unlimited choice of gifts

Any number of transactions

Damage resistance

Safety - a Card that is lost or stolen should be cancelled by calling the bank’s helpline, the Card balance will be transferred to a new Card

How to order the Manufaktura Gift Card?

Please fill in and sign the attached order form

The form needs to be faxed to: +48 42 664 92 90

Our Consultant will confirm your order by phone within a few hours.

A debit note will be issued, allowing you to make a payment

Your Cards will be issued as soon as the order amount is paid

Your Cards will be delivered to your Company by carrier (at the expense of Manufaktura for orders above PLN 2,000) or you may collect them in person at Manufaktura Head Office.

Manufaktura Gift Card - Contact Details

Project Consultant:

Małgorzata Majewska



Tel. 42 664 92 73

Office: 42 664 92 60

Order file to download

Download file .xls